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God changed my life, because someone else shared their faith with me. Since then, I've desired to help people discover the life changing love of God.

For most of my life though, spreading the Gospel only looked one way... take people to church. That's a great thing, but the pandemic changed things. Many people all over the world experienced great suffering, struggles, and loss. My family experienced several personal challenges, and some life threatening as well, but our faith remained in the faithfulness of God.

At a time when people needed to experience the help, hope, and love of God, the lockdown left many church doors closed, and left many people with one undeniable revelation; we are the church! Buildings may have closed temporarily, some did permanently, but we, the church, are alive and well, and God has given us the gift of the Gospel to share with the world.

During the lockdown, knowing I wasn't saved to sit and simply enjoy my relationship with God alone, I prayed for wisdom on how to share Christ with some, and celebrate Him with others. F8th Based Apparel was an unexpected result.

For centuries, the methods ministry have changed, but the mission remains the same; love God, love people, spread the Gospel, and make disciples. Why not do that through what we wear?

The beauty is, we're not just a community we're collaborators in the spread of the Gospel. The thing about sharing our faith is, there's some people God can use you to impact who I can't, and there's some people who God can use me to impact who you can't. But together we can impact more people than we ever could alone, and God is glorified in the process. 

God still wants to change the world by changing lives one person at a time, by leading them to faith in Jesus, and encouraging all of us grow in our relationship with Him. And God wants to use us to do it.

More than F8th Based Apparel, we want to build a non-profit that partners with organizations to spread the Gospel to the world, for the glory of God and you can get be a part of helping us do that.

Shop our products, wear F8th, and share your faith. Also, follow us on Instagram for more content, biblical encouragement, and new apparel and colorway drops. And subscribe to our email list at the bottom of the page, for exclusive offers, special promotions, and free giveaways.

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