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Store Policy

Customer Care

We want to give you the best shopping experience possible. Our brand is all about spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world around us. Your purchase of our products, leaving reviews, and sharing on social media helps spread that message. As a partner in this collaborative effort to spread this positive message, we want want always improve on our efforts to provide you the best service, and experience possible. We can only do that with your help, so we've set up services so that you can contact us about whatever need.


We show our commitment to you by offering a diverse user-friendly shopping experience, a dedicated return policy, a contact page for customer inquiries, a subscription email service, and a wide variety of easy and secure payment options. To see a full list of our payment options, please reference the "Payment Method" section below. We understand that everyone has different needs, and F8th Based Apparel is committed to meet your needs to the best of our ability. If you have any questions, please follow the link to Contact Us. If would like to return an item, please see our Return Policy. To stay up-to-date on our latest information, promotions and offerings subscribe to our Mailing List. We offer secure, efficient, and convenient payment methods you that feel and know that your information is safe and secure with every purchase. We sincerely thank you for your purchase, and your partnership with us to spread the Gospel to the world. Click here to start Shopping Now.

Privacy & Safety

We also provide quick checkout experience by giving you the option to set up a user account. User accounts are a safe and easy way to securely store your personal and payment information all in one place. By creating a user account, you can easily store products in your cart, return to it later, and check out quicker than ever. It's a convenient to shop on go to. All information stored on your user account is 100% confidential and never shared or sold to anyone or any third parties, so your information stays secure, and you can shop with ease. After you make a purchase, you will receive an email confirmation with your order information. Once we have fulfilled and shipped your purchase, you will receive email notifying your of your products shipment along with tracking information. Click the this link to learn more about Shipping. After your purchase has been delivered, you will receive one final email, notifying you that your package has been delivered. If you have further questions, feel to chat with us, or for more personal customer service questions, you may visit our Contact Us page.

Your privacy is our highest priority at F8th Based Apparel. We make sure that all of your information remains private, and secure giving you the confidence to keep coming back to our site, and purchasing more F8th products now and in the future.   

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

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- Credit / Debit Cards

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